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Kendal Hiatt Mrs. Hamilton AP Lang, 5th September 22, 2014 Analysis Essay (RD 2) Will Rogers once wrote, “We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others.” In a millennium where free men lacked full freedom, recognizing the rights of others holds importance when looking towards African Americans and their role in the Union. In his speech to his fellow African Americans, Alfred M. Green’s inspiring call to action is presented through the use of strategic organization, shifting tone, and powerful appeals implicating the necessity of their military service in the Union (parallelism). In the first section of the passage, Green addresses the dreary past that the African Americans, including himself,…show more content…
The organization guides the African Americans now to the solution of the problem presented in section one. Green imposes “[their] duty” to not complain about the past, but to focus on the time of the future. This creates the basis of what the African Americans need to undertake. Green then repeats “let us” throughout the section, affirming their call to action and uniting them as one. By asserting the organization of problem-solution, Green leaves the audience with the solution. If he were to of ended with the problem, the African Americans would fill up with anger rather than the desire to pursue the fight. The encouraging tone settles into the background as a more prevalent authoritative tone arises. In the second section Green preaches to the African Americans, instructing them to “take up the sword” and “defend the night” with the Union. By facilitating this authoritative, commanding tone the audience surges up to the occasion, feeling more aspired to combat for a better future. Lastly, the stress of pathos in the second section leaves the audience in a dramatic emotional state. Green establishes “hope for the future” by describing what their future holds, such as justice and equality, if they choose to fight. In addition, declaring a “[trust] in God” through pathos represents a moral obligation to the African Americans. By bringing up the moral obligation, African Americans share not only

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