Booker T Washington Atanta Compromise Speech Summary

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The time period between 19th and 20th century was the time of big changes, where AfricanAmerican peole got the civil rights and citizenship. Booker T. Washington was an African American educator, author, orator, and advisor to the presidents of the United States. He was of the last generation of African American leaders born into slavery, and his ides were expressed in hard work for making the life of African Americans comparable to the life of white people. W.E.B.DuBois was an American sociologist and civil righs activist who critisized the ideas of Booker T. Washington as a propaganda against the education and the higher standards of life for African American people. In his Atanta Compromise Speech Booker T. Washington is a stronger advocate…show more content…
DuBois, describing the ideas of B.T.Washington, doesn’t see the reality, because he believes that the problem of accepting African Americans by the society is a problem of the whole nation, and that the whole nation should make an effort for equality. His main idea is that accepting African Americans in the socity as citizens with civil rights is a business of both sides: those who accept and those who are being accepted: “On the whole the distinct impression left by Mr Washington’s propaganda is that his future depends on his own efforts“. W.E.B. DuBois critisizes Washington, but he doesn’t count the fact that not all the social groups can realize that African Americans are not submitted anymore and that they have full civil rights now. While Mr Washington tells thst the success of African Americans depends on their own efforts, W.E.B. DuBois, arguing with his ides, says that “It has been claimed that the Negro can survive only through submission“. DuBois calls Washington the leader of two races and the compromiser between South and North, but in reality the only thing that Washington does is that he is trying to find a decision which will stop the segregation of African Americans, but without making problems for the rest of
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