Alfred Hitchcock vs Edgar Allan Poe

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Alfred Hitchcock vs Edgar Allan Poe Alfred Hitchcock and Edgar Allan Poe are two artist / authors that have definitely made their mark on society in various ways. Some may argue that Hitchcock was not a writer, but his works that were produced on film was of his imagination and deep subconscious, just as Poe express in his poems and short stories. In some ways it could be argued that Hitchcock may have been influenced by Poe. During an interview of Hitchcock, it was observed that, “Under the invariably self-possessed and often cynical surface is a deeply vulnerable, sensitive, and emotional man who feels with particular intensity the sensations he communicates to his audience” (qtd. in Flower). Through the writings of Poe it can be seen that the author is truly self-absorbed in his woes and troubles. He is also sensitive to the darker side of the world around him. There are obvious parallels that can be noted in the book and film career of Hitchcock and the writings of Poe, which includes vivid emotions that are displayed throughout both author’s works that range from fear to shear madness. Even though both of the authors are notorious for their “horror” style of writing that emphasizes death, their expressions of guilt, murder and life in general these emotions are portrayed very differently within their works. The first aspect of both Hitchcock and Poe that is evident within their work is the commonality of storytelling techniques; they both possess an obvious love for storytelling and solving mysteries of their lives and the world. Poe has been writing mysteries before mysteries were labeled as genre; while Hitchcock is considered as the master of mystery movies. Both build on mysteries from the beginning to the unfortunate end of their stories and works. This is evident of throughout two their pieces, “Psycho” and the “The Fall of the House of Usher.” Poe

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