"Bedlam Patterns": Love and the Idea of Madness in Poes's Ficrion Essay

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Aja Rowekamp Popular Literature- Horror Fiction “Bedlam Patterns”:Love and the Idea of Madness in Poe’s Fiction Summary The article talks of Poe and how many of his stories showed his concerns for the disintegration process of the human psyche. Some of his most important stories present analyses of madness, which was also a major interest for Poe, and was thought that those specific stories deserved attention. The author of this article selected a few of Poe’s love stories that also presented the analyses of madness. He gives his opinion or theory on each story about what he thought was Poe’s idea of madness, the varieties he recognized and if Poe was presenting his own mental problems in his fiction. Before he starts on the stories he explains that a man named D.H. Lawrence, who studied Poe’s stories, had a philosophy of love that was the key to understanding the madness in Poe’s stories. He defines love as “the mysterious vital attraction which draws things together”, and the act of sex as the “crisis of love”. He also states that the two kinds of love are physical and mental, and states that “If men live by love, they die or cause death, if they love to much”. Which he says is a conflict that arises and that brings us to the idea of madness. The first story is “Ligeia”, which he explains as being one of physical vs. mental. Where a battle of wills between a woman who knows how to love, but loves to much and a man who doesn’t know how to love, only analyize, which is the obsession that leads to hatred and murder. The root of their madness lies in his lust to possess and her lust to be possessed. Both are victims of obsession-compulsion that stems from inordinate loving. Next is “Eleonora”, which shows us how what we consider to be normal and abnormal are compared. And how the narrators life was divided into two main

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