Alexander II: The Events Leading Up To The October Revolution

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1. Intro a. Some interesting facts b. Highlight what is going to be talked about thesis 2. Body c. About his life who he proceeded d. What he did for Russia e. serfs f. Wars, policies g. Death h. Who followed him 3. Conclusion i. Restate thesis The last reformer of the Russian royal crown, Alexander was a key factor in the coming years, especially in the events leading up to the October Revolution. He is a man whose history is controversial, whether he is seen as a great liberator of Russia and a great reformer, or of an evil tyrant whose actions sped the October Revolution. Both are true and false in their own right, but the truth is in neither of these statements. Alexander II was a moderate reformer whose assassination ended reform in Russia. The acts during and after his reign would change the course of world history. The best known of any of the many reforms of the Czar was the peasant abolition in…show more content…
New, radical ideas came into Russia when Alexander II laxed censorship policies. It was decided that instead of everything that was not harmful to the government, rather than anything that was positive of the government would be let in. This opened the door for many new radical ideas, like socialism and nihilism. Nihilism is in its root radical anarchism. Translated, it means “Nothingism”, which fits it quite well. It believes in the destruction of government, society, and most structures. It was popular with the young educated elite, especially the children of clergy. Children of clergy where given great education in Russia, and many of them had gone away from the godly world of religion, and instead turned secular. But unlike their Western European cousins, they did not turn into rational skeptics, but instead turned religious fervor into revolutionary
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