To What Extent Did Alexander Iii Measures Create a Stronger Russia?

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To what extent did Alexander III measures create a stronger Russia? When Alexander III came into power as tsar Russia was in crisis after Alexander II was assassinated by the people will. Alexander III faced a hard job of keeping control of Russia and keeping supreme political power, this meant reform for Russia. Although he was reforming Russia like many Russians wanted to, he was actually moving backwards and launched Russia on the return to conservatism and brought an end to further political reform.Alexander III brought in new reforms to strengthen Russia after the tsar was assassinated because of Russia bad state, these reforms effected the political, financial and nearly every aspect of Russian society. One of the most radical and important changes the tsar first made was russification , this meant that in 1885 the official language was changed to Russia and was taught in all school and no other language was allowed to be used in school . Russification also meant that many people had to act, wear and copy Russian culture, this reform was brought as Russia was a country with many ethnic groups and the tsar thought that because of this Russia was not a united country. This reform did help in creating a stronger and unified Russia as now everyone spoke the same language and kept to the same type of culture people could identify them self with being part of one big country and actually feel like they belong in Russia., this also meant it was easier for the tsar to control Russia as people knew what he was saying and he could actually speak to the people in Russia without needing someone to translate his words. This reform was a good idea of creating a stronger Russia but it actually caused more problems than it solved, when people heard about this reform people resented the tsar even more so and some people revolted against this policy and just made Russia a
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