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Lionel Toribio Eng 11 In the reading “A Mask on the Face of Death” by Richard Selzer, explain how men in Haiti are acquiring the AIDS virus. Selzer feels that religion, voo doo priests led to an influence on prostitutes to continue spreading AIDS virus. In addition Selzer gives an illustration of three prostitutes as being a weakness of men in Haiti to acquired AIDS virus. Two main reasons Aids virus has spread and increase in Haiti are lack of education and bad economic. First of all, Haiti economic in general is really bad and having the AID virus spread around ruined its reputation for tourist to come to visit. For example “Whatever you write, don’t hurt us any more than we have already been hurt.” (p.450) this quote means that the country of Haiti doesn’t want journalist to publish about the AID virus in Haiti. Since in Haiti there aren’t jobs available because of the economic prostitution increases. When prostitution increases the AID virus spreads and becomes an epidemic in society .Moreover because the economic in Haiti, there isn’t a lot of job out there, therefore prostitution comes in conclusion. Education is an important factor to help stopping the AID virus from spreading in Haiti. In the passage Selzer inter views three prostitutes in this quote Carmen is one of the three prostitutes. ““Carmen,” I say, “if you knew that you had AIDS, that your blood was bad, would you still sleep with men?” Abruptly, she throws back her head and laughs.” (p.445) According to her response she being ignorant of the situation because she is lack of education. Moreover by this interview from Carmen Selzer can concluded that education is very important and that without it is seems impossible to slow or stop this epidemic of the AID virus. As we learn from the reading “A Mask on the Face of Death” by Selzer the country of Haiti can’t progress without giving a

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