The Lost Girls

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I. Written in the April 2010 edition of Texas Monthly, the article ‘The Lost Girls’ by Mimi Swartz exposes various insights concerning human trafficking in the United States. Over the years the menace of human trafficking has been a subject for debate. People are being lured to migrate from their native countries to more developed nations such as US with the promise of employment opportunities, high salaries and a better future. Swartz points out how the business of human trafficking starts and how the immigrants end up becoming victims of various social injustices such as slavery in a form of prostitution. Third world countries such as Thailand and other Asian countries are the major sources of the discussed immigrants. Due to harsh economic conditions, the victims decide to pursue greener pastures in developed countries oblivious of the trouble they are involving themselves in. As Swartz exposes, there is a network of human traffickers who operate locally as well internationally. The responsible authorities don’t have efficient policies and laws to regulate this business, thereby facilitating human trafficking to uncontrollable levels. This article was meant to expose the rot within the society today when it comes to issues of human trafficking, slavery and prostitution. Swartz uses the example of one victim by the name of Kiki, who had gone through the saddening ordeal of being lured to migrate into the US hoping to secure a promising job opportunity in a restaurant. Prior, Kiki had been in an abusive marriage in Thailand, her native country. With a job as a secretary and 3 children to take care of, she saw the opportunity in US could help her meet her family expenses and help in upgrading her economic status. It was only after arriving in US did she realize that she was to get involved in the prostitution business to survive and pay her debts. Gradually, she
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