Third World Countries

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Some examples of first world countries are the United States, United Kingdom, and Spain. An example of a third world countries are Cuba, Libya, and Somalia. A first world country is a country that is more developed in the ways of health, medicine, economics, technology, and just plain standards of living. However, in a third world country you will find it underdeveloped, with extreme poverty, crime, and death and sickness. Third world countries are behind as far as innovation and technology. Although the differences between a first and third world country remain wide in range and degree, it seems that all the bad elements of both are what unite the two. Poverty and crime, and the amount of importance placed on the American dollar are just a few. Both the first and third world countries should eliminate poor and impoverished from the social ladder. In this day and age no one should live in the conditions that the third world people are subjected to. #2 Crime affects us all on some level rather it is directly or indirectly. Street crimes such as drug dealing, robbery, and murder are high in urban areas, and poverty stricken areas causing unsafe living conditions. Innocent people being killed in the crossfire of a drug deal gone bad. Parents strung out on drugs, which leads to child neglect and child abuse. Children are being left to raising themselves, and adopting the bad habits of the adults around them. This then leads to family court disputes, school violence, and juvenile discipline and detainment that ultimately tax payers foot the bill for. White collar crimes such as corporate fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, and identity theft are dealt with and viewed with a blasé, and slap on the wrist attitude. However, the Economic impact of identity theft growing fast shows the ease and the harm of white collar crimes, and the long
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