African Americans As Second Class Citizens Essay

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How far is it accurate to describe black Americans as second class citizens in the years 1945-55? Between the years of 1945-55, African Americans were certainly treated as second class citizens. They were segregated from the rest of society and the majority of segregation took place in the southern states. This was where black slaves had been transported to in the seventeenth century and were treated as inferior human beings. Because the USA is such a huge country, the individual states of America had a lot of power to run their own state and introduce new laws. Even after the end of the Civil War between the North and the South, the southern states introduced the ‘Jim Crow Laws’ which meant they could enforce segregation. During this period of time, African Americans were segregated in many different forms. It was a way to suffer black people and limit their opportunities both socially, physically and economically. In the southern states they weren’t allowed to use the same education system, they had separate hospitals and healthcare, they had to sit at the back…show more content…
Whilst the southern states of America were segregated the worst, rich families in other states admired the African Americans. Many rich white Americans had contradictory feelings towards the African Americans because it was very common around that time for African Americans to be hired to looks after the White Children. The two main differences between the northern and southern states of America were that the south was segregated whereas the north wasn’t. In the south, black Americans did labouring where they weren’t paid to work, whereas in the north African Americans were. In the north of America, black people were also allowed to vote legally. In the south, black people could only vote if they had related to the ‘grandfather clause’ or if they could count how many bubbles there were in a bar of
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