How Far Do You Agree That African Americans Were Treated as Second Class Citizens in the Usa in 1950?

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How far do you agree that African Americans were treated as second class citizens in the USA in 1950? I agree completely that African Americans were treated as ‘second class’ citizens, I agree with this because of racial segregation, mostly in the form of Jim Crow laws. These laws are the way a law has been brought in to discriminate coloured people. In the southern states, legal segregation was widespread. Also, the vast majority of black Americans were disenfranchised by grandfather clauses and literacy tests which made it very hard for black Americans to vote. Finally the Ku Klux Klan terrorised black Americans using techniques such as lynching. By contrast in the Northern States, segregation was rare. What is more, Black Americans has greater access to higher-paid industrial jobs and many were organised in unions. However, on average black workers earned 50% less than their white counterparts. In 1986 a black man called Homer Plessy challenged segregation laws, claiming that they were incompatible with the 14th amendment. The Supreme Court ruled that segregation was legal because it was legitimate to treat people according to the principle “separate but equal”. De facto was very different and African Americans were still treated as a lower ‘second’ class. Traditionally Black Americans had voted for the Republican Party. President Truman was able to win considerable black support for the Democratic Party by endorsing civil rights during his presidency. Truman was motivated by his experience of segregation in his home state of Missouri. Truman used his powers as president to implement reforms such as: Executive order’s to outlaw racial discrimination in civil service employment; The CGCC was established to ensure that government contracts did not go to employers that had segregation in the work place, Truman also appointed black Americans to high-profile
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