African American Slave Life On Plantation Essay

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Life of a Slave on Plantation Life of a Slave on Plantation People around the world, work for various reasons. Some people may work because they want to build a future for their families, others might work because they want to make more money, and others even feel satisfaction from it. But that was not the case of African American slaves for they were obligated to work on plantation to keep themselves alive. For more than three centuries, the greedy Americans dehumanized African American slaves in order to get wealthier. Despite the harsh reality of slavery in America, African American slaves found ways to cope with their reality on plantation. African American Slaves were exploited when it came to work on plantation. For the household slaves, they had to cook, clean, serve, be a wet-nurse and also be available for the masters at all time, even if it was in the middle of the night. As for the slaves who work in the crops, they were obligated to work before sunrise until sunset, reaching up to eighteen hours work. During those hours they had a break at noon for two hours, one for lunch and the other one for resting. Slaves were always supervised by another slave who was in charge of…show more content…
These places had no windows; bed, furniture nor floor, the floor was the earth itself. Another striking fact was that only an adult slave would receive cloth once a year but a kid would receive none. Children did not get cloths until they were 9 years old, the parents managed to find cloths for their kids. Also, slaves craved their own furniture. In conclusion, even thought life in the plantation was hard not just with the work they do, but also with the abused of the masters’ punishments they had to suffer, Slaves made it through, day by day and they always found ways to keep families together. They tried to make the unpleasant place pleasant and found ways to get extra food as

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