Africa's Current Barriers

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Africa’s Current Barriers There are many reasons why Africa is considered an impoverished continent, but there are three that stand out against the others. Africa is not fully developed because of past history, disease, and agricultural issues. Africa lacks many things such as organization, power, and rule which also contribute to these three main issues. One reason that Africa is poor and wrecked is because of colonialism. Some of the first civilizations started in Africa, and forever after other civilizations wanted to conquer Africa as a means of showing their global superiority. Africa's worst domination, however, came from the Europeans. European colonization set the stage for imperialism that Africa deals with to this day. Before the resurgence of imperialism Africa was a resourceful continent. During imperialism, Europeans went into Africa and stripped its land of its resources and this also changed the climate negatively. After stripping Africa of its resources the Europeans left, which left a political power vacuum making it easy for warlords and drug lords to take control. This is how Africa attracted issues like Rwanda and the problems in Somalia today. Africa is now stripped of natural resources which makes it difficult to create a normal lifestyle for inhabitants. Another barrier that does not allow Africa to develop into a prosperous continent is agricultural issues. Currently, 85-90 percent of Africa’s surface is unsuitable for agriculture. This is a major issue in terms of production of goods, and natural food. The Sahara desert is the world’s largest warm desert in the world. It takes up a significant amount of space in the continent of Africa. You can’t farm in the Sahara because it is too dry. The soil in Africa is poor, as well as too little precipitation and low access to water. Due to poor agriculture, Africa is weaker because agriculture
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