Essay On African Imperialism

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African Imperialism In the 19th century European imperialism had a very negative effect in Africa that continues to affect the majority of the current population. Their economy was impacted so badly they may never fully recover. Their cultural and ethnic backgrounds were affected when Europeans divided the countries without consent from the different tribes and groups in the surrounding areas. The path that Africa has taken to achieve their independence has been a tough journey with unprepared and unknowledgeable people ruling. Through history Africa’s economy has been negatively exploited but they continue to struggle to rebuild. The lasting effects of imperialism have most countries today worse off economically than they were 30 years ago. And the history of apartheid continues to cause separation of groups into middle class to wealthy or poor to poverty stricken which is historically white versus black. Economically this causes the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer which continues to negatively affect their overall economic growth. By exporting their raw materials to industrialized…show more content…
With no stable government in place the new countries and people struggled for over 40 years through wars and dictatorships. Due to the many different cultural and ethnicities involved it was difficult gaining cooperation to build stable governments. With the impact of apartheid still being felt the equality of jobs and land ownership was still a concern. As a country made money from their resources it did not evenly benefit all the people financially of that country. Corruption and abuse of power was common from inexperienced leaders. Though the struggles continue across Africa some countries are more successful than others. The battles will continue as each country tries to independently
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