World War One comparison

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Compare and contrast the effects of World War 1 on Africa and Middle East. Although the causes for the Great War were laid down years before, but the immediate spark was the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, an Austrian hungry prince. Due to the alliances amongst the countries, the Great war which had initially started between Serbia and Austria had engulfed the whole world into the War. The main causes of the Great War were imperialism, race for arms, nationalism and the alliance system. Typically, when one thinks of Great War, they think of extensive fighting in Europe but in reality the Great War had numerous battles in the colonized states where there were clashes between Triple Alliance and the Allies. Particularly, in Africa and in Ottoman empire where the clashes would lead to hundreds and thousands of fatal deaths and injuries. The Great War brought devastation and thousands of losses to both Ottomans and the Africans and caused a severe decline in economies but the Great War brought an end to Ottoman empire however Africa would still remain colonized. Furthermore, Since thousands of lives were constantly being lost so their was shortage of men so Great Britain and France brought soldiers from their colonies in Africa to fight for them in Europe. In addition, the war caused severe damage to economy since their were less men to work for in the fields and more Raw material was needed for the War. Great War is said to be the worst war for the soldiers because although their were more fatalities in World War two but the conditions that the soldiers had to face in Great War were beyond belief. Since great weapons like the machine gun and the long range cannonballs were invented, the casualties were tremendous in numbers in both Africa and Ottoman empire. Also, trench warfare was really used and due to the horrific conditions the
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