The Affect of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

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THE AFFECT OF COMPACT FLUORESCENT purpose of the light bulb is to replace the current incandescent lamp bulbs which so many Americans use today. The CFL has become very popular to many people since its introduction into North America in the mid nineteen nineties and since then has been the replacement for incandescent bulbs due to their long lasting energy and safety. Even though both the compact florescent light bulb and the incandescent light bulb produce around the same amount power and light as tested by The CFl uses seventy five percent less energy than the standard incandescent bulb with also lasting up to ten times longer and saving up to thirty dollars in electricity cost over each bulbs lifetime then the competing incandescent bulb. With the price of a CFL light bulb being set at a higher price than a regular incandescent light bulb the long lasting and lower energy will pay for its self. With a average household spending around ninety dollars more in the switch to CFl light bulbs but would save between four hundred and forty dollars to one thousand and five hundred dollars over a five year life span of bulbs purchased. Not only does the compact fluorescent light bulb a huge money and power saver in our nation’s economy but it also produces less mercury than regular light bulbs that can possibly pollute the world’s air and water. With regular bulbs producing around 4mg of mercury CFL bulbs can possibly produce as little as 1mg’s of mercury. Many positives come out of these new hybrid bulbs but many issues that Americans may have is that these new bulbs may not always fit all light fixtures as of now with also adding that the bulbs get dimmer over their lifetime. CFL also do not reach full brightness at times of use so there are many goods and negatives to this new creation of light bulbs but with many positives to the bulb the compact

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