Aesop And Friends

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Aesop and Friends, a play written by Gene Kozlowski, was performed at Averett University’s Pritchett Auditorium. The theatre department presented the play on Thursday and Friday, October second through the third at 7:30 pm. They also showed the play on Saturday, October fourth at 2:00. Averett’s production of Aesop and Friends takes a few of Aesop’s legendary fables and creates a wonderful children’s production. The fables shown at the play include “The Ants And The Grasshopper”, “The Fox And The Crow”, “The Two Stubborn Goats”, “The Fox And The Grapes” and “The Tortoise And The Hare”. At the end of each of these fables the audience is left with meaningful morals that will educate more than just the children that attend the production. “The Ants And The Grasshopper” is a fable about a carless grasshopper, played by Walter Bondurant, who spends his summer running and playing not worried about preparing for the barren winter season. Luckily the ants, played by Rachel Walters and Scott Lamar, show the careless grasshopper how hard work and preparation pays off in the end. Winter approaches and the ants have a hill full of food while the grasshopper is left hungry with no food in sight. The next fable “The Fox And The Crow” is a fable about a vain crow, played by Robbie Hendrix, who is so into himself that when the fox , played by Laura Carroll, complements him he falls for her trick. The moral of this fable would be that vanity can make you susceptible to other people taking advantage of you. “The Two Stubborn Goats”, played by Nelson Heider and Kayla Jaeger, is a fable about two goats trying to cross a bridge. Because the two goats were hard-headed and stubborn they both wanted to cross at the same time not letting one or the other cross first. The two goats soon figured out instead of being selfish and stubborn it would be more efficient to allow each other to
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