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Advanced Directive Assignment With this assignment I interviewed my father, Bruce Carroll. I asked my dad before we sat and talked to think of the plans (if any) he had in place should he no longer be able to make decisions for himself. What were his wishes? What actions if any would he liked carried out on his behalf? When we met I asked my dad, “What do you think of when I say Advanced Directive?” He responded, “It’s a paper that tells the hospital what I want” (B.Carroll,personal communication, March 2,2013). I asked him to expand on that for me. He said,” You know like if I am in a coma or something and I don’t want to be kept alive on a breathing machine” (B.Carroll, personal communication, March 2,2013). I explained to my dad that he was correct in that an advanced directive let’s not only the hospital know what his wishes are but his family as well. I went into a little…show more content…
I know what I want I just had to put it on paper. Boy was I wrong. I started out okay but reading all the options made me start to think of my children and all these emotions over took me. I started out thinking that this directive was all about me and what I wanted and it’s not. To me these decisions need to be made as a family. I needed to take into consideration what my husband and children needed for their closure if something tragic were to happen to me. Even in my final moments I want to provide my family with as much peace as possible. To me if I am in a irreversible medical condition it’s no longer about me and my wants, with my faith and beliefs I am in a better place, its now about the people who I am leaving behind and what will ease their pain and suffering. So I filled out my directive for what I would want now knowing my children are small and unable to process the magnitude of such a situation but when they are adults and I ask them what they would like for them I may need to change my

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