Past Present Furture

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CRITICAL THINKING 1) Identify the problem and briefly describe why it was challenging. When I was six months pregnant with my son the doctor told me I would have to monitor twice a week because his weight wasn’t progressing. I was on bed rest because I was one centimeter dilated at six months which was too early. 2) What were two or three questions you had about the issue or problem for which you needed more information? *Why is my son under weight and I had already gain 20 pounds? *If I am already dilating could I go into labor soon? *Is everything ok with him and why is he not getting the food that I take in? 3) After finding more information to help make your decision, how did you distinguish between fact and opinion? The doctor told me I would have to take some meds to stop my labor/slow it down and they would monitor him to make sure he had enough weight so when he was born he would not have to be in ICU. Deep down I was confused because I couldn’t believe this was happening to me and I want to make sure my son was going to be ok. 4) What information and/or past experiences were relevant to your wants/needs? The situation because this is my second child and I had a very hard and complicated first pregnancy. I just wanted my baby to be ok and come out healthy. I wanted to be able to take him home. So knew what I had to do I stay on bed rest and I made sure I made it to every appointment no matter what was going on because my son was important. 5) What conclusion did you draw from your thinking critically about the challenge or problem? What was your decision and the result? My decision was to make it to every appointment and to follow the doctor’s instruction. In conclusion, I carried my son 36 weeks and he was six pound even. My son is two months almost three and believe it or not he is 15 pounds. Very health and no problems at

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