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Allusion Adonis – Week 10 Source: “Adonis.” Bulfinch’s Mythology. Page 67-69. Summary: Adonis, a mortal was born to King Theias of Smyrna and his daughter Myrrha. The Goddess Aphrodite encouraged the incest since the king forgot to make an offering to her. The king was enraged and chased his daughter with a sword, intending to kill her and the unborn child, Aphrodite took pity on Myrrha and turned her into a tree. Theias shot an arrow at the tree and broke the trunk, and out came Adonis. Baby Adonis was such an adorable baby. Aphrodite fell in love with him and since there was no one to look after him, Aphrodite took care of Adonis as if he was one of her own. Aphrodite sent the child to be looked after by Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. However, Persephone, too, fell dearly in love with Adonis and refused to give him up when Aphrodite came for him. There was a bitter argument and Zeus had to intervene to prevent a disastrous argument between the two. Zeus decided that every year Adonis would spend four months with Persephone, the next four months with Aphrodite and the last four months he would be left alone, so that he may learn to look after himself. Adonis grew up to be a very handsome young man, stealing the hearts of many such as the Goddess Aphrodite. Adonis loved to hunt. One of Aphrodite’s lovers, Ares the God of War became jealous of Adonis’s good features, and Aphrodite’s passion for Adonis. Ares Transformed into a boar and followed Adonis into the woods, where he was hunting. Adonis spotted the boar and placed many arrows into the side of the boar, but the boar would not go down. The boar chased Adonis and finally caught up to him; the boar then slashed at Adonis, with its razor sharp tusk and badly injured Adonis. Hearing the screams of her beloved Adonis, Aphrodite immediately headed for the forest, where she found him dying. Adonis died

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