Act Ii Synopsis of Romeo and Juliet

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Synopsis of Act II in Romeo and Juliet By Brendan Polson The purpose of this scene is to summarize for the audience Romeo's change of attitude. He used to be depressed because Rosaline was a nun and was going to take the vow of chastity, so he would never be able to be with her. But then he goes to the Capulet party and sees Juliet and instantly falls in love with her. She too thinks he is handsome and likes him. Romeo and Juliet then have to hide their love because of their feuding families that has been going on for centuries. After the party, Romeo sneaks into the Capulet's orchard wanting to see Juliet because he is in love. Benvolio and Mercutio are looking for Romeo but give up because they think he does not want to be found because they think he is still depressed over Rosaline. But really he is very happy because he has found new love with Juliet. The Friar is up early in his herb garden picking herbs. He then sees Romeo enter and the Friar sees that he hasn’t slept. He thinks Romeo has sinned because he doesn’t go for girl’s personality but for the looks and that’s why he falls in love so quickly. Romeo says he wants to be married to Juliet today. The Friar thinks it is awfully sudden since the day before he was obsessed with Rosaline but agrees to marry them. Tybalt has sent Romeo a duel challenge and has sent a threatening letter to his home. The Nurse enters looking for Romeo. Mercutio makes fun of her by calling her names and then Mercutio and Benvolio leave. Romeo gives the Nurse the message for Juliet to meet him at the Friar's cell to be married that afternoon. He also asks the nurse to get a rope ladder for him so he can sneak into Juliet's room that night to complete their marriage. Juliet is waiting for the Nurse to return with news from Romeo. The nurse said she would be back in half an hour but comes back three hours later. When the Nurse
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