Accounts of Being a Single Parent

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everest college | Accounts of Being A Single Parent | Struggles and Hardships to Being A Single parent | | Adelina Vega | 6/8/2013 | This essay is describing how life as a single parent is a struggle and it has its ups and downs and many sacrifices that have to be made when you’re doing it alone. This essay is to talk about the hardships I have gone through with being a single parent. | I never expected to become a single parent so early in my son’s life. I guess things happen in your life for a reason. You just aren’t prepared for it when the rug gets pulled from beneath your feet. I had a very good relationship with my son’s father. Except for the fact that my son’s father always wanted to roam the streets, get into trouble and do bad things. I knew there would be a day where that all came to an end and he would have to pay for all the wrongs that he has done. The sad part is he left me with a 1 year old toddler and that’s all that I had left when he got placed in prison. So I had to start from scratch. He was the provider for me and my son. He paid the bills, put food in the fridge, and made sure that me and my son never wanted for anything but now I had to do it on my own. I guess everyone deserves a fresh start but not unexpectedly. It was time to suck it up and do what I had to do to make my life better and my son. I got a job bartending. That’s a start. The only thing that sucked about it was the fact that after I got a job bartending I got an apartment, and then somewhere down the line I bought a new car, which pushed me to have to work so much more to pay my bills and maintain the things I needed in life. The worst part about being a single parent raising a child is because I work so much during the week and my job is an hour and a half away and I get off at 4 or 5am every day, I only get to see my son on the weekends while my mom

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