The Life of Being a Single Parent

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.HN200 Survey of Social Problems | The Life Of being a Single Parent | . | Professor Patricia GraceStudent | Bobby | 11/19/2013 | There are so many people that are forced to become the head of a single parent house hold. | Single-parenting is the social problem that I will be discussing. Single-parenting is a well known social problem in today’s society According to the U.S. Census Bureau approximately 84% of custodial parents are mothers, and 16% of custodial parents are fathers (U.S. Census, 2010) Single-parenting is a subject I’m too well familiar with. I became a single-parent at the age of 17, being a young and wild teenager trying to keep up with my friends I got caught up. I had several choices but being raised by my grandmother, I knew abortion was not even an answer for me. I once thought about adoption but was determine to right my wrongs by being a woman raising a child that did not ask to be here. The sociological imagination (also called the sociological perspective) helps us to see how the larger social forces influence our personal lives (Hensley, 2011 Page 4). It is much more difficult for a single father or mother to be an effective parent than it is for a father and mother who are working together to rear their children. The two have more time to help with homework and even to play with the children. They also discuss the children’s problems, decide on courses of action, and back each other up when it comes to dealing with rebellious teenagers (Hensley, 2011 pg.349). A single parent on the other hand, does not have as much time to support or supervise their children. The does not have much time to spend playing with his/her children, helping with homework, or any things that couples share. Being a single parent is a challenge, because there is no one there to help you take on the parenting responsibility. You may have family

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