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1. Mont Tremblanc is considering using a balanced scorecard, which helps bring non-financial data into the equation, to help supplement its budgeting. Give an example of one scorecard objective and one measure for each of the departments listed below (targets and actual results not required). (10 marks) a) human resources department b) sales department c) quality control department d) transportation department e) maintenance department Balanced scorecard: | Scorecard Objective | Measure | HR Department | To regulate cost per hire | Avg. cost per hire | Sales Department | Increase revenue | Avg. Purchase Value | QC Department | Decrease Waste | Reject Ratio | Transportation Department | To increase efficiency of fuel usage | Fuel Usage/ton/km | Maintenance Department | Work Identification | % Available man hours used in proactive work | 2. Janice owns the Cute Cut Salon. She employs five stylists and pays each a base salary of $1,500 per month. One of the stylists serves as the manager, receiving an extra $500 per month. In addition to the base salary, each stylist receives a commission of $6 per haircut. Each stylist can do as many as 20 haircuts a day, but the average is 14 haircuts each per day. The Cute Cut Salon is open an average of 24 days per month. Other financial information is as follows: (18 marks) Advertising | $500 per month | Rent | $1,000 per month | Supplies | $1.50 per haircut | Utilities | $300 per month plus $0.50 per haircut | Magazines | $50 per month | Cleaning supplies | $0.25 per haircut | Price per haircut | $15 | a. Compute the fixed costs per month, the variable costs per haircut, the contribution margin and the monthly break-even point for the number of haircuts. b. In February, 1,500 haircuts were given. Compute the net income for February.

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