Deez Nuts Essay

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|Name: Jaime Arauz |Date: | Graded Assignment Unit Test Answer the questions below. When you have finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit. (6 points) |Score | | | 1. Isaac goes to an amusement park where tickets for the rides cost $15 per sheet and tickets for the shows cost $10 each. a. Write an expression that describes the amount of money Isaac will spend if he buys x sheets of the tickets for rides and y tickets for shows. b. Evaluate the expression to find the total price that Isaac will pay if he buys 5 sheets of tickets for rides and 3 tickets for shows. Answer: a. I=15x+10y b. 15*5=75 10*3=30 75+30=105 (10 points) |Score | | | 2. Allegra has a cell-phone plan that charges $55 per month and $0.10 for every minute that she uses the phone beyond what her plan allows. One month, she was billed $58.50. a. Define a variable for the unknown. b. Write an equation to model the problem. c. Solve the equation. Show your work. d. Find the number of minutes that Allegra went over the time that the plan allows. Answer: a. Variable = v=how many minutes she over used… b. T=total money spent a month t=55m+.10v m=1 c. 58.50-55=3.50 3.50/.10=35 v=35 d. 35 minutes (6 points) |Score | | | 3. Andrea wants to deposit money into a bank account that earns 2.5% simple interest. Use the formula to find the amount of money that she should deposit so that she earns $2500 after 4.5 years. Show and explain your work. Answer: Her first deposit would be around 100,000
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