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The first article I chose came from the Mid-Western Educational Researcher, titled "Cheating Perceptions and Prevalence Across Academic Settings." Kelly Honz, a high school teacher; and Kenneth A. Kiewra and Ya-Shu Yang, both university professors, wrote and published it April 1, 2010. The peer-reviewed article was found on EBSCOhost with the keywords "academic honesty." The article discussed the results of the Academic Honesty Survey of high school students, which determined that the students all shared similar traditional perceptions of what constituted as cheating, and what setting a student had cheated or were tempted to cheat in most. While this article had little to no bearing on this paper on hand, it gave some interesting information-- what a student would most likely cheat at. Students were more likely to cheat on an exam or test more than a homework assignment or even a long-term project or typed paper. Logically, I would assume a student would be more likely to cheat on something that would cost them a huge part of their grade if he or she were to do poorly on it. However, I do not know if this applies to college students, but the article hints that most students maintain the same way of thinking even through college. The next article came from the Journal of Interactive Online Learning, a short titled "Perceptions of Academic Honesty in Online vs. Face-to-Face Classrooms" by Michael Spaulding, professor at the University of Tennessee–Martin. It was published December 1, 2009, and peer-reviewed, as well. I found in with the keywords "online academic honesty," on EBSCOhost. The article described the results of a survey that tallied the frequency and environment students committed academic dishonesty, and the circumstances in which students believed other students were likely to participate in academic dishonesty. The results suggested that students taking

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