Abraham Lincoln Great Emancipator Essay

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Professor Henderson History 130 6 December 2013 Précis Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, is best known for his tall hat and abolishing slavery. Lincoln seemed to be a man of the people. Appealing to the majority and the minority when the circumstances called for it. Although he did free the slaves, that was not his intention and the blacks knew that. Abraham Lincoln based his ideas and beliefs from former president Henry Clay. He often quoted, paraphrased and outright plagiarized him in many of his speeches. He was not your common “Negrophobe” as George Fredrickson claims. Many blacks believed that he was the “white man’s” president, and not one of everyone. The citizens of this time were rich white men, plantation owners and any other white man. Blacks were not given the right to vote, because they weren’t considered citizens nor were they protected under the Constitution. It was believed that Lincoln was more than willing to sacrifice the rights of the blacks in order to promote the welfare of…show more content…
He took it upon himself to “pick up” right where he left off. However, Lincoln’s principles changed according to the circumstances of the times. Lincoln was against the extension of slavery under moral, economic and social circumstances. His judgments and beliefs and viewpoints can be questioned and are very contradictory. Lincoln believed that blacks were entitled to the same rights as other men and citizens. Blacks were not allowed to take advantage of their rights in the United States, but they should on their own land. The blacks did not ask to be brought to America, they were taken into slavery. Many slave owners claimed that they were helping the blacks because they do not have the ability or mental capacity to provide for themselves and their family. They also claimed that leaving the blacks on their homeland would have subjected them to the dangers of wildlife and
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