Abraham Lincoln: Cause Of The Civil War

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Christopher Haire August 8, 2012 Hist 1301 Lincoln’s War In 1860, when Abraham Lincoln took over as the President of the United States, he could have only guessed that his actions and decisions would lead to a civil war just one year later. Many people believe that the civil war began over slavery. This is not entirely true as it may have been partly one reason; but even then Abraham Lincoln did not seek out to completely abolish slavery at once. Abraham Lincoln gets a lot of the blame for the start of the civil war but the truth is that the civil war was essentially inevitable. From the start of the civil war however, Lincoln played a big part in the Union’s success. When considering what ways Lincoln “caused” the civil war was…show more content…
New policies such as the Free Soil Appeal angered southerners because it limited the southern power in the federal government and sought to bar slavery in the new western territory. Slavery became very important in the south due to the expansion of farming lands plus an increase in the demand for cotton. This required the need for free labor or slave labor in order for the southerners to be able to afford such vast expansions. When considering all of the factors that caused the civil war Lincoln is only responsible for that cause in the event that he was elected President. There were many other causes that steered the country into a civil war including the fight between slave holding and non-slave states, the dispute between state versus federal rights, and economical and social differences between the two divisions none of which were Lincoln’s fault. Even having to endure such hardships such as face the brink of civil war Lincoln remained poised and ready to handle the task at hand. Gienapp covered a bibliography that gave an in depth look at Lincoln’s life and focused on the civil war; but also gave a look into his childhood to show how the true Abraham Lincoln remained constant throughout and states,” his good will and fundamental decency, his remarkable self-confidence matched with genuine humility, his immunity to the passions and…show more content…
The most widely area of criticism that Lincoln received was his use of unconventional and sometimes illegal methods in order to achieve his goals. Lincoln justified ignoring the process of going through congress to make such decisions in that he felt the war needed immediate and direct decisions and did not have time to go through the process for congress’ approval. The criticism appears to be fair as they come from a variety of different groups from the democrats and Lincoln’s unjust ways of handling the war as well as his own party, the Republicans for his handling of the south. In assessment of Abraham Lincoln’s tenure as president and handling of the civil war tragedy, it can be determined that although heavily criticized by his peers the civil war would not have been the “civil war” without him. The inevitability of the civil war came to light when Lincoln was elected President and indirectly caused the civil war to start. Lincoln’s impressive political tactics and his witty knowledge propelled him to the highest ranking in office and also led to his tragic death in

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