Abigail Adams "Remember the Ladies"

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OUTLINE I. Abigail Adams’ assumptions of women’s strength and power in the country. a. Her persistency on women to overwrite men’s’ perception of them. II. Abigail’s assumptions about the nature of power. b. Encouraged women to start standing up to themselves for their rights. c. To make existing laws more applicable to their needs or to create new laws that best fit women. III. Abigail’s positive influence based on her upbringing d. Growing up around women who were lacking rights in their everyday lives. IV. Abigail’s “Remember the Ladies” letter to John Adams. e. Asking for rights and changes in laws. f. John’s reply and assumptions to the letter. Abigail Adams and the Revolutionary Experience. History 52 The Role of Women in U.S. History During the 1800’s in the time where Americans were fighting for their freedom from The Great Britain, women were trying to find their place in the nation. Women like Abigail Adams, who had no formal education or schooling, was able to teach herself how to write and read and made herself a very influential young lady. Although she was known for being one of the pioneers of women who made tremendous amount of differences in our history, she was also very famous for writing many letters to her husband that were filled with her personal opinions of the culture and the women’s rights and politics in the nation. Her best known letter to her husband “Remember the Ladies” still marks a big part of women’s history for its positive effects for the rights of women. The women’s rights movement was one of the most amazing and remarkable events that took place in the American history which is over loaded with courage and bravery of the women that were part of this significant era. One of the courageous women was of course, Abigail
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