Advantages Of Moderate Suffragettes

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“The steady pressure by the moderate Suffragists was the most important reason for the achievement of votes for women by 1918.” How accurate is this view? ESSAY PLAN – INTRO AND CONCLUSION CAN BE COPIED OUT. MAKE SURE TO GIVE SUFFICIENT DETAIL FOR THE POINTS SUGGESTED AND KEEP LINKING BACK TO THE ESSAY TITLE. The enfranchisement of many women over 30 in 1918, and all women over 21 in 1928 was the culmination of a long arduous struggle by many to achieve greater equality for women by granting them the vote. The relentless, legitimate campaigning of the moderate Suffragists had undoubtedly made a great contribution to this achievement but debate still rages over the relative merits of this, as well as the actions of the militant Suffragettes
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