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Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January 16, 1979, in Brooklyn, New York. At a young age Aaliyah began to take voice lessons. She performed at weddings, church choir and charity events. At the age of Five Aaliyah and her family moved to Detroit, Michigan. She landed roles in commercials and in Family Matters. She than appeared in Star search at the age of nine. Aaliyah attended Gesu elementary which is a catholic school in Detroit. After this she went to Detroit High School For The Performing Arts. She majored in Drama and graduated in 1997. Aaliyah never attended college. She started working with Atlantic Records directly after graduation. Aaliyah contributed to multiple charities and performed at Children’s Benefit Concerts. Even after her passing, Aaliyah’s charitable spirit has continued to give through the Aaliyah Memorial Fund. The money raised supports all the charities Aaliyah contributed to during her lifetime. Some of Aaliyah’s achievements are her multiple songs that got high rankings on Billboard’s top 100.Others are her Grammy Awards and her extreme reputation as the princess of R&B. Aaliyah also starred in Romeo Must Die and Queen Of The Damned sadly her career in film couldn’t be pursued. Aaliyah Dana Haughton died on August 25,2001. She died in a plane crash in Marsh Harbour, The Bahamas. After filming the music video for her single Rock The Boat she and her entourage wanted to return to America. They decided to leave immediately. The flight wasn’t scheduled and was overcrowded. Besides that her pilot was inexperienced and was later discovered to have been taking drugs during take-off. The pilot couldn’t control the situation and the plane carried to much weight. The plane crashed momentarily. Aaliyah’s coroner than stated that even if Aaliyah did survive the crash she wouldn’t recover. The burns and injuries were so bad she would be

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