Band of Brothers Analysis

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Throughout World War II, many soldiers faced difficult and challenging obstacles. Many of them were not so lucky and they could not overcome these complications that they faced. Fortunately, some soldiers were able to conquer the horrible things that they encountered during the war. Easy Company is an excellent example of this, as they made a lasting impression on everyone. There were many challenges that the members of Easy Company faced throughout the war. One of the many challenges that Easy Company came in contact with was when they jumped of the planes at the beginning of the film. Not only did they have to focus on jumping correctly, they also had to worry about being fired at. The film showed one plane getting shot causing it to explode and leave the men trapped. It must have been horrible for those soldiers, because they had nowhere to go. Also, with all the madness going on, it was hard to tell when they were supposed to jump and what they were supposed to be doing. This caused many men to jump too early or too late. If they jumped too soon, then they would have very far to fall and a greater chance of being shot at. Yet if they jumped too late, they would hit the ground too soon and get injured. Either way, the men had almost no chance of making it to the ground successfully. In addition, countless soldiers lost their weapons when they jumped out of the plane and when they landed. This was not an easy task for Easy Company, because they had no way to defend themselves. When the soldiers jumped out of the planes, they faced numerous challenges. Once the surviving men from Easy Company finally reached the ground, they came in contact with even more difficulties. Since a lot of the men did not have weapons, they had no way to defend themselves if they came into contact with the enemy. Dick Winters, for example, did not have a weapon for a very long time.
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