A world with no imagery

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A World with No Imagery Sight is the most basic of senses we possess. But what if you were to start to lose that sense? What would you do to get it tested, how would your doctor help you and how would you cope? A world with no imagery? I can’t imagine, but this is what will be explored. For me, hiking through Mount San Gorgonio and seeing the hills splattered with many wild flowers, the beautiful blue birds dancing in the air, and the picturesque scene of the city below is all but breath taking. To no longer be able to see this, to see a movie on a date night, my cute little puppy’s face when she wakes me up in the morning, or my family’s smiles, I just could not imagine living without. I don’t see people who are blind as disabled more so as I see them as incredibly brave and strong to be able to cope and adapt to such a drastic change in their life. I feel this is something that I would be unable to adapt to and admire people who do it so gracefully and I would like to learn more about it. I don’t have the best vision in the world. It wasn’t always that way though, I use to have 20/15 vision and now it is approximately 20/200! Such a drastic change has inspired me to look more into going blind because I would hate for my vision to be any worse than it is. Just going from such a drastic decline in vision as I have had, it has made me have to adjust. I must always wear glasses, and seeing at night is very difficult. To have no vision though I feel would completely strip away my independence. I feel it would be an extreme struggle to adjust to not being able to use my most basic sense. So how do you know if you are starting to lose your vision? Well the symptoms are very basic. Your vision starts to decrease; you may find your self squinting more than you ever had before. You may also experience, head aches and dizziness. Keep in mind
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