A Summary of Alfred Adler’s Biography

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A summary of Alfred Adler’s Biography Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental process. In fact psychology is a very big field, and is filled with a lot of psychologists who have their own perspectives about how the human brain works. Alfred Adler a very outgoing, popular and an involved scholar, was born on February 7, 1870 in the suburbs of Vienna, had a very rough childhood, in which he couldn’t walk until the age of four and he was diagnosed with pneumonia that almost killed him. These horrific events inspired him to be a physician and they could be the reason behind his big achievements during his lifetime. Thus, Alfred Alder received his medical degree from the university of Vienna in 1895 and got married in 1897 to a Russian intellectual and social activist whom he met during his university years. Even more, Alfred had different carriers, he began his medical career as an ophthalmologists but then he changed to general practice. Being in general practice and working with circus performers, he managed to study their unusual strengths and weaknesses. Those observations gave him an idea of his organ inferiority theory. This theory turned him to psychiatry where he joined Freud’s discussion group in 1907. Alfred doing research and writing papers on organic inferiority and a paper concerning aggression instinct, which Freud did not accept. However, Freud accepted Alfred paper on children’s feelings of inferiority. In 1912, Adler and nine other members established The Society for Individual Psychology. Alders best-known work is The Practice and Theory of Individual (1923). Alder believed that every person is motivated, motivated by a force behind their behavior, those forces made them reach the place where they are in now. As for Alder he believed that every person had his own behavior and is unique, that no theory can be applied to
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