Clyde Snow: Forensic Anthropology

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Michael Arevalo Writing Assignment Anthropology 101 December 1, 2008 Clyde Snow Biography When it comes to the world of forensic science and forensic anthropology the average person does not know too much information about the subject other than maybe watching episodes of CSI. It is a shame because people like Clyde Snow can go unappreciated throughout their lives. Clyde Snow is one of the most recognized figures in the unnoticed world of forensic anthropology and the impact he has had on the world had made it a better place to live. Snow, now 76 years young is known around the world for his knowledge in recognizing human skeletal remains and determining the cause of death of some of the most famous people in history including President…show more content…
Forensic anthropology the field that Snow is mostly associated with is definitely a science that is overlooked today by most people since they have never even heard of it. Forensic anthropology is examining the human skeletal remains usually for law enforcement agencies in order to determine the identity of the unidentified bones. To really understand forensic anthropology you must define it further by understanding physical anthropology. Physical anthropology involves physical anthropologists who study human remains and bones to find out things about all the people in our past. Some of the questions they may have were if they were male or female? Was the person a healthy or unhealthy? How old they might have been when they died? Forensic anthropology involves the same methods used in physical anthropology except it is used for more modern cases of the unknown human remains. These methods enable a forensic anthropologist like snow to aid the police in making a profile on unidentified remains. These profiles contain the person’s sex, ethnicity, age, and height, how long it has been since they died. In most cases after the identity of the person is confirmed the forensic anthropologist has to testify in court regarding to the…show more content…
His dad was a doctor so he learned much about the fields of medicine and death. The very first encounter he ever had with bones happened when he was only twelve years old on a hunting trip with his dad. The most interesting thing about Snow is his sporadic and inconsistent achievements in school. It started in high school sophomore year when he was actually expelled for a fire cracker incident. After this he started his higher education at New Mexico Military institute in Roswell where his grades started to drop until a student there showed him how to study. He received his Associates Degree there and went on to attend Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He decided that partying would be his main priority and flunked out quickly. In 1951 he received his Bachelors Degree from Eastern New Mexico University then transferred to well respect Texas Tech University where he got his masters degree in Zoology. In 1958 he continued his schooling at University of Arizona where he received a Ph.D. in studying the growth of Savannah

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