A Reflective Account on How I Supported a Service User to Eat a Meal.

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The individual that I support eating she can’t feed herself and needs complete support in eating as well as drinking. Because she has no teeth and does struggle swallowing her food properly when I dish a meal that I have made up I always make sure that I put it with something wet like beans so, when I use the electric hand blender I make sure every lump is out of the food so when I feed her she doesn’t choke. This is one of our health and safety precautions. When I am feeding her we have to make sure all the food in her mouth is gone not to force any food into her mouth and make sure she has 3 sips of squash before giving her another mouthful of food, this is also so she doesn’t choke and it gives her time to swallow the food properly. Before I prepare the food I make sure I have thoroughly wash my hands and then, I put on my personal protective equipment which is a green throw away apron and gloves and if a client is helping me cook they wear the same. If I am cutting up the salad I would use the Green board which is for all vegetables and salad, if I was to chop meat it would go on the red chopping board, blue for raw fish, yellow for cooked meat and black for baked and dairy. We have all of these chopping boards and there is a picture with the colours of the boards and their meanings next to it so we know what board is used for what, this is for health and safety so there is no cross-contamination when food is being made. When I am cooking raw meat as soon as I have finished handling the meat I would chuck my gloves and apron away and put some clean P.P.E on so that again there was no cross contamination with food. I would also use a different knife for what I was making. In our work kitchen we have food charts stuck onto the wall which for everyday of each week the clients have chosen what they would like for breakfast, dinner and supper. For example on a

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