A – Reflect on How National Strategies Involving Multi-Agency Working Can Improve the Health of the Children and the Community

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A – Reflect on how national strategies involving multi-agency working can improve the health of the children and the community I believe the Graham Allen Report has made a large contribution to improving the health of children, and also the society. He wrote a report to testify how important it is for early intervention to take place in order to support the health of the child and to help community with fewer costs. ‘Intervening earlier with troubled families can not only prevent children and their parents falling into a cycle of deprivation, anti-social behaviour and poverty but can save thousands if not millions of pounds in the longer term.’ C4EO (2011) ‘Grasping the nettle: early intervention for children, families and communities’ Ncb, Nfer Page 14.It is a brilliant idea and plan to help improve and succeed a better level of health and well-being of children but intervening as early as possible as ‘Early Intervention enables every baby, child and young person to acquire the social and emotional foundations upon which our success as human beings depends.’ ’ Allen, G (2011) ‘Early Intervention: The next steps’ HM Government, Pages 3 & 4. On the other hand, it saves money for the society in the longer term as it costs much less when the problem is discovered earlier so it is easier to solve the problem. If the problem was left for longer, this would be much harder to tackle and more money would be spent to solve the problem. ‘The central problem is that intervention happens too late, when health, social and behavioural problems have become deeply entrenched in children’s and young people’s lives.’ Allen, G (2011) ‘Early Intervention: The next steps’ HM Government, Pages 3 & 4. Therefore the longer it takes to identify a problem the more it gets embedded into the child life and the more money it will take to solve it. However the quicker it is identified the less
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