Asses the View That an Ageing Population Creates Problems for Society. Essay

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Using Material from Item 2B and elsewhere, asses the view that an ageing population creates problems for society. Many western societies such as the United Kingdom are experiencing the social, political and economic issues that are associated with an ageing population. Rising life expectancy poses a number of problems. People are living longer due to medical advancements (including the NHS) and improved sanitation. This has resulted in more services being needed to support the continually ageing population. This is a problem due to the amount of finance needed to support them on this scale, meaning there is less money for other sectors such as education. As people are living longer, this care is required for longer, which causes the dependency ratio the rise. The dependency ratio is the relationship between the proportion of the population who are working and those who are dependent or not working. As the ageing population continues to grow, the dependency ratio will continue to rise and there the ratio of workers to dependents in unbalanced. There are less people to support those that are dependent both financially, through taxes perhaps, and socially. To combat this, Governments could increase taxes so that there was more funding to support the elderly, as in pay for their residential and medical care, but this would cause disputes among taxpayers. An alternative to this would be to revoke pension and service rights or by introducing a cost, which would exclude elderly people that belonged to the proletariat. Marxist would suggest that introducing a higher tax or introducing costs for welfare support would be society’s way of extending the oppression of the proletariat, keeping them poor and preventing revolution to form a communist

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