A Raisin in the Sun Essay

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A Raisin in the Sun 1. Describe the main conflict of the play from the standpoint of Walter and then from Mama's standpoint. How are their concerns different? From Walter's standpoint, the conflict throughout most of the play is how to get money from Mama for the liquor store investment. When he is successful but loses the money, the question is whether he will sell his principles for money that might allow him to make another investment in a business. However, viewed from another angle, Walter's efforts throughout the play are an attempt to find a way to become the head of the household, to come into his manhood, as his mother said. This encompasses both the effort to make money from the liquor store investment and the rejection of the neighbors' offer. From Mama's standpoint, the conflict is whether, despite the forces of poverty, racism, and alcohol, she can help Walter to his manhood, to enable him to grow enough to merit being head of the household. Mama's actions throughout the play, entrusting Beneatha's share of the money to Walter, giving Walter a third of the money for his own use, challenging Walter to tell Ruth not to have the abortion, and giving Walter the say about whether to take the neighbors' offer, were for the purpose of giving Walter the opportunity to act responsibly and to have him come into his manhood. He finally came through when he declined the neighbors' offer. 2. After Walter realizes that Willy Harris has taken the money, Walter says that the world is divided into the "takers and the tooken." He points out that some people just take what they want in life without regard for whether or not others might suffer. He feels that the takers victimize those who care about whether their actions are right or wrong. Walter says, "There ain't no causes. There is only takers in this world." At that point in the play, Walter wants to be one

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