'A New Deal For The American People'

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New Deal Essay The depression caused by the 1929 Wall Street stock market crash crippled the American economy, deflated the optimistic outlook most Americans thought to be their birthright and tarnished the values by which the country’s businesses, farms, and government were run. During the next decade, the momentum of the Great Depression impeded their attempts to make ends meet. The Depression affected essentially every aspect of American life. The New Deal was somewhat effective in getting the United States out of the Great Depression. In the source titled, “A New Deal for the American People”, the author, Roger Biles supports the importance of New Deal programs in creating economic stability and preventing another depression from happening in the future. The author argues the New Deal was an effective…show more content…
The author argues that the New Deal was successful using facts to support the idea that New Deal programs provided a source of hope and sustenance to many Americans. An important point in Biles’ argument is that “partial economic recovery occurred. From a high of 13 million unemployed in 1933, the number under Roosevelt’s administration fell to 11.4 million in 1934, 10.6 million in 1935, and 9 million in 1936,”. These unemployment statistics clearly show that Roosevelt’s New Deal programs did help reduce the number of people in need of a job. Another point made by the author is that “farm income and manufacturing wages also rose, and as limited as these achievements may seem in retrospect, they provided sustenance for millions of people…”. This point is a strong example that further illustrates how New Deal programs were successful in helping people get by. The information found in the authors argument support the value of New Deal programs in providing substance and restoring Americans
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