A Journey Through The Old Testament

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“A Journey Through The Old Testament” SUMMARY: For many Christians the Old Testament is daunting and confusing. The books are long and speak about a culture dramatically different form our own. This wonderful book by Elmer L. Towns, “A Journey Through the Old Testament” does not substitute for reading the Old Testament, but Mr. Towns has provided a wonderful “journey” in understanding the people of the Old Testament and a view of the Coming Messiah. His works speak to the intellect as well as to the heart of how God prepared the world in His image – and His hope for mankind. This book unpacks the major themes from the collection of books that make up the Old Testament – and the people that lived the experience within their lives – both the good and the bad, the spiritual and the carnal – the deceitful and the faithful – all through the course of ancient Biblical history. This journey takes the reader through the Old Testament that is both accessible and spiritually edifying. The passions of the persons personified in this book awaken the heart of the reader in today’s world – with identifiable and meaningful lessons that are very applicable to our lives today. The people come to life on the pages of the book in a sense that you may have not fully experienced before. Childhood Bible Stories take on a new life of their own, with the “lessons learned at our Mother’s knee” driving our minds and hearts much deeper in thought and prayerful practice. We can see ourselves mirrored in the themes and in the people page after page. Sometimes this can be difficult - a rude awakening - to see ourselves in parallel to a “lesser” versus a “greater”. As we Christians hunger for a spiritual feast in the Old Testament, we find a faithful, true Biblical, rich, hearty and challenging overview of the Old Testament within this book - taking us on a journey to “Meet

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