A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Although Flannery O’Connor’s short story, A Good Man is Hard to Find, may seem like somewhat of a horror story, it becomes a religious allegory in which determines how good and evil are separated and distinguished. The title of the short story, I believe, can be taken quite literally in context to the story plot. The story is seen through the grandmother’s point of view. She is representative of the older era, the older Christian faith, and the way things used to be. She is a woman seems hard to please, stubborn, and set that the new world is failing the Christian faith. Everyone around the grandmother including her own son, daughter- in law and grandchildren seem to either lack respect, or are tired of dealing with her high expectations. All the characters around her seem as if they are highly flawed in her eyes just as the misfit is. The grandmother’s foolishness was her judging old eyes, who fooled her into thinking she were better when really she was just as flawed as they all were. If the grandmother stopped preaching about how the new world has fallen from the Christian faith, and opened her eyes to her real life, she would have saved the whole family from the misfit. Garo 2 The grandmother’s son, Bailey, seemed exhausted of having to take care of his own mother. He doesn’t bother raising his head when his mother is trying to get him to read the paper about “the misfit.” This creates Foreshadowing and a bit of irony to the story because in the end the misfit is what brings him and his family to his demise. Not only does he ignore his mother, but when she wants to take the children to see the old plantation, he sighs, gets aggravated and didn’t want to be bothered. Although her tired son may have a good soul, he is not a good man in the sense he seems tired and lifeless in the story. When the grandmother selfishly wanted to take the family
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