A Good Man Is Hard To Find Analysis

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CHARACTER ANALYSIS Character Analysis The grandmother in Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find” is selfish and manipulative. The very first thing that is learned about her is that she does not want to go to Florida because she has relatives in Tennessee that she would rather go visit. Then the second thing about her is that whenever something runs up against the grandmother's will, she still tries to have it her way. She never does this openly or bluntly, though. Her style is always a bit more indirect. How does she try to get Bailey not to go to Florida? Not by saying, "Well I want to go to Tennessee," but by trying to scare him with reports of a criminal on the loose, called The Misfit, and guilt trip him about taking his children there. Through the rest of the story we see the grandmother using the same tactics again to get her way. Such as when her son Bailey does not want her to bring her cat Pitty Sing on the trip. Instead of arguing about it she just hides the cat in a basket and brings it anyway. The grandmother then wishes to go visit an old plantation along the way yet knows that Bailey will not want to do this, her solution to this is to let the children persuade him. She tells the children of a house filled with secret panels and hidden treasure, this in turn gets them excited and begging Bailey to take them there for a visit. It is quite clear that through her actions that the grandmother is very selfish thus trying to satisfy her selfishness by manipulating others. Once the grandmother meets The Misfit and tries to use the ploy of “you’re a good man” some may feel that she is the same self-absorbed manipulator that she was in the beginning of the story. It becomes evident in that she does not beg for anyone else’s life, because the first words out of her mouth to The Misfit are “You wouldn’t shoot a lady, would you?” (O’Conner, 1955).
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