Short Story A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Susan L. Barlow Professor Erin Leach English 113-0 28 September 2012 A Love Story After reading “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, one has to ask the underlying question of whether this is a story of a mother and son’s love, or is it about one family’s demise because of a broken relationship existing between a mother and a son? Upon further analysis of this short story, it is easy to see that the relationship between mother and son is a key element in the tragic ending of an entire family. Throughout the story the mother son relationship connection is continually brought to the reader’s attention through underlying communications. O’Connor paints a story of a domineering mother and a weak son, but the love that connects them is apparent in the story as they are the only members of the family that actually seem to have an emotional link. In the opening line of the O’Connor story, the focus is placed on the mother’s…show more content…
His mother defends the side trip as educational and entices the family with stories of treasures behind secret panels. As they start down the dirt road, the previously smuggled cat is thrown into Bailey’s neck causing him to swerve and roll over into a ditch. After the accident Bailey’s rage is vividly pictured in detail “Bailey’s teeth were clattering”. (454) His mother, realizing her error in judgment, decides not to explain the fabrication of her story “the grandmother decided that she would not mention that the house was in Tennessee”. (455) Again, we see these two important characters of the story concerned with only each other‘s existence having little or no regard for the other members of the family. Hoping for someone to come by and rescue them, the family watches as a car approaches with three men, one being the Misfit, a known killer, the same one that the mother had told them about that
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