A Gap of Sky

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A Gap of sky By Anna Hope Imagine being young and living in a big city full of possibilities and life, where you feel the pressure from all sides: your parents want you to become educated, your friends want you to party, drink and do drugs and society wants you to excel at both. That is what happens with Ellie in Anna Hopes short story “A Gap of Sky” from 2008. Ellie is nineteen, lives in London and tries to do both, but drugs and essays do not mix. “A Gap of Sky” is a story about understanding who you are and what you stand for. * The story takes place in London during 21st century, and as the sun is setting around five o’clock it must be sometime in the late fall. The story is about the girl Ellie, who is 19 years old, living in London and studying at UCL. She only studies at UCL because her Mum and Dad pressured her to it, and apparently she doesn’t give the studies all that she has, as she has received an extension. The extension can explained by the extensive partying Ellie is partaking in; she parties on Sundays, where she both drinks alcohol and uses drugs, all different kinds of drugs; K, coke and crack. The drugabuse and the extension cause a conflict for Ellie, when she has to turn in an essay, while she’d rather stay in bed or do drugs. But the fact that her printer is out of ink forces her out of her apartment and out on the streets of London, where the urbanized city makes an impression on Ellie. It is a third person narrator, who tells the story through Ellie’s point of view, which makes it unreliable. The narrative technique used is called a “stream of consciousness” which is a technique that the writer Virginia Woolf, the author of the story that Ellie has to write an essay about, experimented with in her works. This “stream” is very confusing, because it describes the situation by every little thought of the persona who in this case is very

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