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The Effect of Literary Devices in Fiction In Jenny Han’s romantic novel, “The Summer I Turned Pretty”, the main character, Isabel, experienced an external conflict between her and her best friend, Taylor. In the novel, Isabel flashbacked to the time she was fourteen. That summer, Isabel brought Taylor to her cottage in Cousins Beach to spend time with each other. Taylor ended up doing the opposite when she neglected Isabel for her three friends; Jeremiah, Conrad, and her brother Steven, which led to a fight between the two best friends. This novel used many literary devices that contributed to the conflict; three of those literary devices being situational irony, foreshadowing, and diction. One of the literary devices presented in the novel is situational irony. Isabel brought up the fact that her best friend, Taylor, had been “begging her to bring her to Cousins forever and that she hated that they did not share everything—every moment and every experience (Han, 67).” This is an example of situational irony because although Taylor states that she wanted to “share every moment” (with who?), she ended up forgetting the reason why she came to Cousins Beach. (It was) to be with Isabel, not Conrad, Jeremiah, or Steven. After all, this is ironic considering since Isabel expected that Taylor would spend the summer with her but instead everything turned the other way around. Besides, Taylor forgot all about her best friend and spent most of her time flirting with Conrad, Jeremiah, and Steven. The situational irony effectively contributed to the conflict because when Taylor kept saying one thing and had done another, it created a humongous lie and a conflict that affected between Isabel and Taylor friendship. If Taylor was honest and said that she wanted to go to Cousins Beach to hang out with Conrad, Jeremiah, and Steven, then there would not have been a problem the fact

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