A Critique of Christopher Wright’s “Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament”

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Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary A Critique of Christopher Wright’s “Knowing Jesus Through The Old Testament” A Paper Submitted to Dr. Curtis Fitzgerald In Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements For The Course OBST 591-B04 Old Testament Orientation I By Kevin R. Goldsmith Student ID # 23060969 Lynchburg, Virginia June 17, 2013 Introduction Dr. Christopher Wright was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland and holds a Doctorate in Old Testament ethics. Dr. Wright used his passion for the Old Testament to teach the subject for five years at Union Biblical Seminary in India and later served as Principal of All Nations Christian College. Dr. Wright is currently the International Director of the Langham Partnership, which offers a variety of teaching and training for Pastors. Dr. Wright has authored many books, many of which focus on his passion for the Old Testament offering views of many subjects through the lens of the Old Testament. It is in that vain that Wright authored “Knowing Jesus Through The Old Testament”. Dr. Wright translates his love for the Old Testament scriptures into a look at Jesus Christ, a look that Wright suggests made Jesus who He was and reflects the life He lived, the words He read and the religion He practiced. Wright uses this look to emphasize how the Old Testament is not simply for the Jew but is equally important to Christians in understanding their savior. Brief Summary of the Book At first glance one would think that Dr. Wright has written another book that takes the reader on a journey through the Old Testament showing the reader the many Old Testament prophecies that point to His coming and to the numerous Christophanies that one can see in the Old Testament. While Dr. Wright does deal with some of the prophecies, it is in a different context entirely. Dr.
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