A Compare and Contrast of Mesopotamia and Egypt Essay

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A compare and contrast of Mesopotamia and Egypt. The first civilizations recognized by history were Mesopotamia and Egypt. The folks that occupied both of these civilizations were cave dwelling hunter gatherers that moved near the water to set up colonies. Sumerians moved to the lands between the Tigris and Euphrates River. The Egyptians moved to an area close to the Nile River. Living near the water was ideal for both Sumerians and Egyptians (McKay 3). They could hunt, heard animals, fish, and conduct agricultural farming to survive and thrive. The Sumerians had many independent villages due to the rough terrain and geography. Egypt had a centralized location for the main city. The Sumerians, living between the two rivers had to deal with unpredictable floods that would wash away entire villages killing people and animals. The folks created a system of dikes and irrigation ditches to control some of the flooding. The Egyptian living along the Nile River, encountered seasonal flooding to the North. Their environment was predictable and controllable (history-world.org, np). The Sumerians built city walls to protect themselves from outsiders attempting to loot or take the inhabited areas for other uses. Because of the many small villages and terrain that made up Mesopotamia, there was also political conflict and fighting with other villages attempting take over or pillage other local villages. The Egyptians had a desert surrounding the city which created a natural barrier for intruders and peaceful environment to live in. The Pharaohs ruled all of Egypt and there no political infighting. The Sumerians and Egyptian farmed and traded with others in the area. Because of the harsh weather and river conditions, farming techniques were constantly involving. New devices and tools were being designed and crafted to adjust to the conditions. Trading goods and
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