A Comparative Study of Liberal Democracy in Usa and Uk

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A Comparative Study of Liberal Democracy in USA and UK In this paper, I compare USA and UK with liberal democracy as the main reference. This comparative analysis commences with the definition of liberal democracy. Liberal democracy is a government system in which the rulers are elected representives who come from transparent, free and fair elections, and in which political competition is between parties representing different political and ideological options. In other words, principally, it is looked for integrate the authority of democratic governments with synchronous limits on their own areas (Hague and Harrop 2007, p. 49). In addition to that all adult citizens have the right to vote regardless of race, gender, property ownership and so on. Liberal democracy is seen as various constitutional forms in the states, for instance, federal republic, or constitutional republic, or constitutional monarchy, or presidential system, or parliamentary system, or a semi-presidential system. The United States takes the form of a constitutional republic or sometimes the form of a federal republic. The countries such as United Kingdom take the form of a constitutional monarchy. Further, liberal democracy is also called and known as a constitutional democracy. Once constituted democratically, political authority in liberal democracies manifests respect for the law and for the individual rights of the ruled so liberal democracy is limited government. Freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, freedom of belief, freedom of assembly, freedom of property, and economical freedom activities (free market) are particularly protected by law and these all are indispensible for liberal democracies. In this paper, I will handle four terms of comparisons between USA and UK; the relations between state and society, types of electoral and party systems and the condition of interest groups, the

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