To What Extent To Evaluate How Democratic Is The Uk

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How democratic is the UK? To evaluate how democratic the UK is we must first understand what democracy is and recognize its many types. The most widely accepted definition of democracy is that created by former president of the united states Abraham Lincoln who said that democracy is 'government of the people, by the people and for the people'. There are then also the differing types of democracy, four of which are: parliamentary democracy, liberal democracy, direct democracy and representative democracy. At a glance it is obvious that a major part of UK democracy is parliamentary democracy as this is our chosen form of government, having the houses of parliament which consist of the house of commons and the house of lords. In the UK we have the government which is drawn from parliament as well as the monarchy who are now concerned primarily with ceremonial roles within governing the country. However it is key to note that although the monarchy does have a part in the governing of the UK it is not elected and so this damages the argument of the UK being fully democratic. However the majority of parliament is elected at least. In the UK parliament all members of the house of commons are elected in free and fair elections by their local…show more content…
One of the ways direct democracy is implemented in the UK is through the use of referendums. A referendum is called by the government to allow people to vote directly on an issue. One example of a recent referendum was the 2010 referendum to decide whether the UK should switch from the First past the post vote system to the AV system. The result was a 67.9% majority against changing the system. This shows hope the people can directly influence the way in which their democracy works and so is hence very democratic. However critics of referendums argue that they undermine the sovereignty of
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